A Q2i Solution

OARS (Opioid Addiction Recovery Support) is used by providers of MAT programs to improve insight into a patient’s recovery progress while promoting ownership and adherence to treatment plans. OARS also provides extensive tools to support patients with recovery from Opioid Use Disorder.

Using OARS patients are better connected to, and supported by their healthcare team throughout their recovery journey.

This extended connection and support fosters conditions for:

  • Improved ownership and adherence to treatment plans
  • Increased patient engagement
  • Fewer relapses
  • Decreased in-patient admissions/ re-admissions
  • Reduced program dropouts
  • Reduced ER visits



Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

OARS provides your MAT program with real-time reporting and analytics that empower you to make data-driven decisions, fast. OARS provides an increased level of insight into a patient’s progress. OARS identifies outliers and trends and can flag areas of concern for investigation and/or intervention.


Find Important Data Fast

The OARS single patient view gives you instant access to all of your patient’s program specific data at the click of a button. With easy to read individual patient performance tracking you have the tools to keep up-to-date with every patient’s performance and adherence to treatment plan.


Manage Your Digital Content

The OARS solution includes a digital content management system. Here you can store, manage and distribute all of your digital content. Easily add new educational and support materials and quickly publish specific information directly to the patient’s mobile app. This feature helps increase provider/patient connection and provides the patient with timely, relevant and updated support.


Fast and Secure Patient Messaging Options

OARS includes secure, encrypted HIPAA compliant messaging with the ability to provide fast and secure channels of communication between you, your staff, and your patients. All communication channels are customizable to support restrictions of when and where messages can be sent and received.


Mobile Application Keeps OARS With Your Patients at All Times

Patients can:

  • Plot their progress and successes, including input from their healthcare team
  • Receive educational support and content from the healthcare team
  • Keep a daily journal, log feelings (shared with the healthcare team or kept private)
  • Keep a calendar of appointments with reminders
  • Securely messaging with their health care team
  • Give and receive peer-to-peer support

Healthcare Team Portal

The healthcare team can:

  • Log and track group attendance details
  • Log and track observations and meeting participation levels
  • Manage patient’s feedback and emotions
  • Manage and send educational materials/content distribution
  • Manage calendars and appointments
  • Manage test results data
  • Send and receive secure messages

Patient Application

The patient can:

  • Plot their progress and successes, including input from their healthcare team
  • Receive educational support and content from the healthcare team
  • Keep a daily journal, log feelings (shared with the healthcare team or kept private)
  • Message with their group, anonymous and controllable, give and receive group support in a secure, closed circle
  • Keep a calendar of appointments with reminders
  • Securely message with the healthcare team

100% Cloud, ready-to-go

Start using OARS to support your recovery program in minutes – easily setup and manage your clinic and patients.

Modern User Interface

The OARS healthcare team portal and patient app interface is intuitive and easy to navigate for an unequalled user experience.

Customizable Branding

OARS customizable branding allows you to integrate OARS into your digital tool box and keeps your branding message consistent.

Flexible and Scalable

OARS can be used as a stand alone program management solution or easily integrated with your existing EHR.

HIPAA Compliant

OARS is proud to be HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2 compliant. All data policies are designed to meet or exceed requirements.


“As an independent and progressive healthcare system focusing on innovative ways to address the opioid crisis, OARS empowers our healthcare team to provide an up-to-date, comprehensive level of care that supports the recovery process for our patients fighting addiction.”

Win Brown – CEO and President of Heywood Medical Group

“The journal lets me share my feelings with the doctors and allows them to see how I am on any given day and reach out to me with positive support.”

Heywood Medical Patient

“Our hope is that the OARS app will provide our multidisciplinary healthcare team with actionable data that will result in increased levels of insight and improve communication with our patients.”

Peter Kelleher, CEO of the PSL agencies

“The CASA application will allow our Recovery Coaches and Recoverees to communicate in real time. They will be able to share resources, remind recoverees of scheduled appointments, locate self-help meetings, and connect individuals with others pursuing a sober lifestyle,”

Michelle L. Dunn, founder of the AED Foundation

“OARS is proving to be effective in helping our patients feel more connected with their healthcare team and is enabling us to better support our patients with their recovery program.”

Dr. Katherine Fitzgerald – Suboxone/recovery clinic, Heywood Primary Care

“Connecting me to my doctor and therapist using OARS has made a huge difference and given me a level of strength in my recovery that I haven’t had before.”

Heywood Medical Patient

“We are thrilled to add CASA to our toolkit,” Felecia Pullen, President of Let’s Talk SAFETY, Inc., a not-for-profit which includes The PILLARS

“Not only will CASA let us strengthen our connection with the people in recovery who come through our doors every day – so these folks will feel more supported and be less vulnerable to relapse – but it will also let us better monitor how our members are doing week-to-week, and really close the treatment feedback loop.”

“As the epidemic of opioid addiction continues to escalate the impact and public threat to our community increases, I’m encouraged to see that utilizing technology like OARS is successfully helping our city tackle this national crisis at a local level.”

Mark Hawke, Mayor of Gardner

“We invested in OARS because we think it will help us treat more patients more effectively throughout their recovery program, and ultimately reduce overdose incidences and relapses.”

Dr. Cathleen London of Door to Door Doctors

“With the Q2i OARS/MATRA solution, we’ll be able to help more patients achieve a full recovery from OUD.”

Dr. Katherine Fitzgerald, Primary Care Physician at a Suboxone/Recovery Clinic in Gardner, MA, who has been using OARS for over a year

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