how do we connect words sentences phrases and paragraphs so ideas flow smoothly from one to the next watch this video as I talk about transitions and why they are useful in essay writing hi I’m Manoj in a previous video I spoke about using transitions in essays so what are transitions a transition is a word phrase or sentence which links another word phrase sentence or paragraph to smooth an the flow of a written piece of work transitions wake up the written piece of work and make it more captivating transitions like yet and but which are usually used in the middle of a sentence can be used in the beginning to allow the essay to flow smoothly from one idea to the next take the word yet for instance words like yet are usually used in the middle of a sentence here are some examples the trek up the slope was arduous yet we persistent and finally got to the top here’s another example the test was fairly easy yet several students fail to do it well now compare this example time was running out as the crowd waited feverishly outside the store yet I managed to finish the display in time for the grand opening here I used yet in the beginning of my follow-up sentence to emphasize a point to show continuity of the thought process from the previous Center now here’s a tip to recognize transitions transitions are a word phrase or sentence followed by a comma example I have been waiting ages for my package to arrive finally it is here now let’s see how to use a transition to tidy up the following example my brother is going to the beach with his friends they are taking the car there they have a lot of things to take with them these sentences are grammatically correct but collectively pretty bland here’s the same example with a transition my brother is going to the beach with his friends by the way they’re taking the car as they have a lot of things to carry with them not so wordy smoother and more engaging other commonly used transitions are words like however also and therefore there are more examples of transition words in my website so do have a look here is a note of caution by all means use transitions in your essay but like everything else take care not to overdo it with that I hope you found this video useful do you know someone who is looking for ways to freshen up their writing send them a link to this video please give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel see you next time you