It was 140 days between the CreatorCon Challenge announcement on Sept 28th, 2016 and the entry deadline of February 15th, 2017.

Reaching out to startups in both the existing ServiceNow partner and developer ecosystem as well as outside to ISVs and developers on other platforms, with a call to action to transform their business on the ServiceNow platform, was a lot of fun and in the end, very rewarding for me personally and the broader ServiceNow team that made this possible – including senior execs CTO Allan Leinwand , SVP DevOps and Platform BU Pat Casey, VP of Finance and Corporate Development Dominic Phillips (who heads ServiceNow Ventures, the major sponsor of this competition), and Avanish Sahai (VP Worldwide ISVs and Technology Alliances).

But most importantly, the goal for the CreatorCon Challenge is that it be incredibly rewarding for the ISV startups that took on the Challenge and put forth tremendous innovation and effort in creating their apps and entry materials that were required in those seemingly really fast/blurred 140 days. I suppose that’s a testament to the fact that you really can build high-impact, platform services-rich business apps really really fast on the ServiceNow platform (Ok, at Lightspeed). I’m sure we could put together a mathematical formula that could take the # of lines of Javascript and Angular JS code, # of workflows, # of  tables rows, # of API calls, # of orchestration activities, etc. etc. and divide by 140 to reach the magic number of 186,000. But I have better things to do.

Suffice to say, the Shortlist Startups with awesome leadership teams all built their revenue generating, high business impact delivering,  large and growing total available market-addressing, competitively differentiating and sustainable competitive advantaging (think moat), deep and wide platform service-using, technical viability-evidencing apps in just 140 days. That’s pretty awesome.

To throw some meta-numbers on the board, we received 226 entries that completed at least the Personal/Company profile. 37 of those also completed the App profile and submitted App Materials (investor and/or on-screen app demo video).  Out of those 37, 17 met all of the by-design strict/high-bar eligibility criteria for both entity and entry eligibility.  And of those 17, 9 were selected to the Shortlist.

So without further adieu or to do, here are “The Nine”, in alphabetical order.



Skillmix is an intelligent spatial management software. Its main objective is to boost productivity and innovation through smart desk assignment. Skillmix organizes and manages employee seating plans according to expertise, experience or any other criteria that meet company objectives.



Clear Skye’s Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM) for ServiceNow helps organizations navigate towards a state of compliance, by managing any type of account, across any type of environment. ILM is available on the ServiceNow Store.


cofigure logo.jpg

CoFigure Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is the first in the suite of HR applications designed to create a single system of action for a consumerized enterprise that crosses HR, IT and all enterprise services. ATS is available on the ServiceNow Store.



Vendition is a vertical solution for Consulting companies to manage customers, contacts, opportunities, engagements, and support of their clients.



CourseLoop provides flexible workflow management and a ‘single source of truth’ for University curriculum information management – eliminating reliance on paper forms, spreadsheets and email.



Help-Full provides employees caring for aging parents with peace of mind when they can’t be there and respite when they need a break. We connect older adults with their neighbors (including your employees) to find fun, friendship, and fulfillment.



PlatCore is a full-featured learning management system (LMS) built entirely on the ServiceNow platform. PlatCore is designed to easily deliver training through various methods including video, knowledge base articles, and assessments.



BariAPPtric is a  healthcare team portal and a patient app. The portal provides a data rich, unified dashboard benefiting from a patient-centric design including traceability systems to track and document activities along the patient pathway.



Cloud EQMS enables companies to manage their quality processes in a Cloud/Saas model. Examples of quality processes are: Deviations, CAPAs, Change Controls, Complaints and Audits.


So What’s Next?

During the rest of March, each company will participate in a WebEx with ServiceNow executives, provide a live pitch that highlights the company, business proposition, the app, and why ServiceNow should consider investing, and answer any questions that the execs may have. From there, the execs will determine the three finalists that will be on-stage in the CreatorCon Challenge finale, immediately following the CreatorCon keynote on Thursday, May 11th in a general session in front of a few thousand Knowledge17 attendees. The finale will be a “shark tank” style event and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be determined by the “Legends of Tech” judging panel. The winners will receive their share of $500K in cash investments from ServiceNow Ventures, plus over $300K worth of marketing and business development prizes.

All nine of the above companies will get free trips to Knowledge17 (flight, hotel, transport to/from the airport/hotel) for two people from each company, plus full Knowledge17 passes and demo space in a sweet part of the centrally-located (smack dab in-between the ServiceNow Pavilion and the ExpoNow floor) CreatorConDeveloper Hub (sweet = premium location, high foot-traffic).

The three winning apps will all be published to the ServiceNow Store on the Istanbul or Jarkarta release by the end of August for delivery to all ServiceNow customers globally. We also expect the six shortlisted apps that aren’t selected as finalists/winners to be published to the Store so that they too can sell and deliver their innovative apps securely and efficiently to ServiceNow customers globally.

A hearty congratulations to the shortlist and a hearty thank you to all the startups and developers who participated in the Challenge. There were some really awesome apps that didn’t make the shortlist but that we have identified and called out to the ServiceNow partner sales team twho will be in contact with them about go-to-market planning and sales engagement as we fully expect that ServiceNow customers will want to see those apps on the Store as well.

Stay tuned to hear who the three finalists are – they will be announced on April 12th!

Martin Barclay
Director, Product Marketing
ServiceNow Store
ServiceNow Inc.
Santa Clara, CA