Gary Chinman, M.D

Gary Chinman, MD is an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and is President of the Massachusetts Psychiatric Society.

After graduating from Dartmouth Medical School, he completed a residency in psychiatry at Harvard¹s Massachusetts Mental Health Center where he was the first fellow of outpatient psychiatry at Harvard Community Health plan and Harvard University Health Services.  For 14 years at Brigham and Women¹s department of Psychiatry, he was director of quality assurance and co-director of outpatient psychiatry.  He is former associate director at Massachusetts Physician Health Services where he cared for physicians needing remedial and clinical attention.  At Harvard Medical School, he teaches both medical students and psychiatry trainees.

This year he serves as President-elect of Massachusetts Psychiatric Society during which he collaborates with leaders in state government to develop more resources for patients, clinicians and programs.  He is a board certified psychiatrist and a board certified executive coach, and manages an active private practice.